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I say all this because despite how significant this band is, they are criminally dismissed all too often. A welcome addition to their sound on this record is a new-found love for strings — mainly violins and cellos — which really steps up the emotive quality of their music through the particular way in which they use them.

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The transitions, tempo changes, syncopations, and technical chops are present in spades, and the music is consistently compelling. Just enough little surprises, but enough hard-line consistency to keep things riveting.

The mix of the record is pretty stellar and does just about everything right to highlight the best of the Misery Signals sound. The guitar tone is biting and snarling, yet it retains a pristine clarity, enabling the listener to hear every detail of the thick layers of guitar and the complex chords this band often employs.

Life Divine (2018) - Full Album

The drums have a sharp, organic tint, and the bass tone on this record is very rounded-out, providing the mix with much needed oomph in what is otherwise a pretty mid-rangey album. Their latest release, "Controller" , hit heavy and hard with crushing energy appeasing old and new fans alike.

The Absent Light’s tracks

After a year of world touring, in support of "Controller" , and with the departure of longtime members Stu Ross and Kyle Johnson , the remaining members put the band on pause to focus on other interests and side-projects. NET story or review, you must be logged in to an active personal account on Facebook.

Once you're logged in, you will be able to comment. NET does not endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of, any user comment. Riding the high of their first self-released album, the added perspectives of side projects such as Solace and Burning Empires, and the induction of new members, Misery Signals seem hungry, if not overly ambitious, on their Indiegogo-financed fourth album, their first in five years.

On Absent Light , Misery Signals nearly find the perfect intersection of heaviness, atmosphere, proficiency and power, but the lingering feeling of, well, misery hangs in the air when the 11 tracks are done.

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Absent Light – Life Divine [2018]

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