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Like all good quests, this one involves danger, riddles, magical beings, and true friendship. It also has clockpunk magic. Like all young graduates, Kadmeion is looking for work, but wizarding jobs aren't always easy to find.

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Fortunately, he has an able young assistant in Sir Bright, the half-elven seventh son of a seventh son. Delightfully written, witty, and charming, my one complaint about this story is that I wish there had been more character development.

Kadmeion and Bright have some great dialogue, very funny and endearing, but I always felt as if I was viewing them from a slight distance. A bit of magical retooling could be in order. Regardless, this is a delightful story, sure to please. I would hesitate to recommend it for children, due to mild violence and sexual situations.

Jan 10, Bruce rated it it was amazing. Lita Burke's Ephraim's Curious Device is best read in order. So if this your first exposure to the series, start with the first book. This is set in a fantasy world where the wizard is our main character. He is distinctive because of his soft approach to most everyone and everything around him. He's not in a great hurry and lives life at his own pace.

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Kadmeion has the qualities children and adults could emulate. Quiet, slow, thoughtful. This book is clean, funny and heartfelt. There is an adventure to be had, wrongs to be righted, and it's all done with a wizard and his sidekick, who holds magical properties of his own. At times the pace is slow, so just be in the mood for something that is not brimming over with tension.

Instead it has a whole lot of heart. Be prepared for a feel-good book. Apr 21, Jessyca Garcia rated it it was amazing Shelves: fairytales-and-enchanted-lands , fiction. It also happens to be the first book of hers that I have read. I enjoyed this book a great deal. In order to save a friend they are forced to go on a quest to retrieve the fabled Ephraim's Curious Device. All the characters in this book are very likeable.

I absolutely loved Sir Bright, and so do all the magical creatures apparently. I liked that Bright and Kadmeion work so well together. It is obvious they have great chemistry. It is nice to read an adventure book where there in not constant fighting and drama. The thing I liked most about this book is all the different magical creatures that the adventurers encountered.

Lita Burke

There were harpies, dragons, fairies and a lot more. This is what truly made the book so magical. I now have a new fascination with harpies because of this book. I really enjoyed Ephraim's Curious Device and look forward to reading the rest of the books in the series. Burke was able to create a fantasy world that came to life and I wish I could visit. Few authors are able to do this. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about magical worlds.

I enjoyed this book tremendously.

Ephraim's Curious Device

You might be asking, who are these people? Kadmeion is a wizard, Furgo is his assistant dog that also turns into a nine-year-old boy. Bright is the half-elf, half-human assistant to Kadmeion. Lord Hissalumieon is a not-so-nice greedy person. So begins the cast of characters in this fan I enjoyed this book tremendously.

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So begins the cast of characters in this fantasy-clockpunk tale which involves fairies, will-o-the-wisps, harpies, automata, dragons, sirens, etc. Author Lita Burke creates a beautiful, magical world which will seduce you in with its simplicity, beauty, and imagination.

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From flying curses to floating islands to dragons high on fairy dust, it is truly a magical experience. The main characters Kadmeion and Bright are intrinsically good, noble characters who use ingenuity to solve problems and who will go a long way to do the right thing. I loved them both. I definitely recommend this book.

I think that young adults would definitely enjoy it too. It is a clean read with no sexual content or offensive language; however, I would not recommend it for younger children as there are one or two sexual innuendos. Mar 06, Simon Okill rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , family , mystery , wizards. Ephraim's Curious Device Clockpunk Wizard, 2 is a tremendous sequel to the awesome book 1. The characters develop further, the dialog is incredible and simply rolls off the tongue and the adventurous story is perfection. This is a masterpiece of storytelling that deserves the highest praise.