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Christopher Smith. Booksellers International Translations Permissions Libraries. Slow Church Study Guide ebook. Slow Church ebook. Slow Church paperback. However you describe the setting, it is refreshing to read a fantasy that uses something other than Celtic mythology and Medieval Europe as its starting point. The story is the tale of the Third Daughter of the Queen of Dharia.

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Aniri has grown up in the mistaken belief that her mother does not have a political purpose planned for her, and that she will be able to marry for love the moment she turns Of course, it is not to be. And a good thing, too. Aniri has fixed her heart on a courtesan attached to the household of the Samirian Ambassador. She believes that the Samirians are allies, and that Devesh really loves her and wants to help her.

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But the Prince of Jungali arrives just before her 18th birthday, and promises her kingdom a peace treaty in return for marriage to the only unmarried daughter of Dharia. Meaning Aniri. Her mother wants peace with Jungali because the mountain country is rumored to be developing a skyship, a weapon that will change the balance of power between Dharia currently on top and Jungali.

Aniri reluctantly does her duty and accepts the engagement, but only after her mother lets her in on the real plot. Aniri is supposed to spy on her new country, and discover whether the skyship is real, or merely rumor.

Once her mission is done, she will be free to return to her lover. But the world is not as Aniri imagines it. Not just because it feels wrong to spy on the man she is supposed to marry, but because the Prince is much more than the barbarian she has been taught that all Jungali are. Prince Ashoka wants peace. He wants to unite his people, and get rid of the warmongers who have been fomenting trouble between Jungali and Dharia with the help of the Samirians.

But the young and handsome Ash also wants Aniri as his Queen. Not just for peace, but for real. But first, the would-be princess spy and the barbarian prince will have to cut their way through the secrets and lies that would keep them apart. And survive the assassins. Escape Rating A-: Third Daughter is terrific fun! The setting feels fresh and new, in a way that makes you dive right into the story as you learn how the world is set up.


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It feels a bit like a fantasy version of India under the Raj, except that there are no British overlords. Each country is ruled by a Queen rather than the traditional male hierarchy. In Dharia, it is the First Daughter who will become Queen after her mother. Being sent to Jungali is the making of her. Aniri has a great adventure, but what makes her interesting to follow is that she learns from her mistakes, and does she ever make a lot of them!

She wants to do the right thing, but starts out believing it is going to be much easier than it is. She also discovers that a lot of people have been lying to her. Learning truths for herself is part of growing up. Aniri changes from willful child to self-sacrificing adult as she navigates her new and unknown country.


Ash is a great foil for Aniri, and also a swoon-worthy romantic hero. He will do anything for his country in order to bring peace. It takes Aniri a long time to see the treasure that is in front of her, and to accept the life before her. Working with Ash, traveling with him and seeing his country through his eyes, opens hers. And the swashbuckling, death-defying adventure climax helps to make Third Daughter one fantastic read. Hella Fun! Full disclosure: I received a free electronic copy of this book for review through Library Thing's Member Giveaways program.

As the Third Daughter of Dharia, Aniri enjoys a luxury which was denied her older sisters: on her 18th birthday, she's free to marry for love instead of country. First in the line of succession, Aniri's oldest sister Nahali has been groomed from birth to become Queen; fittingly, she arranged to marry a Dharian nobleman whom she just so happened to love.

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Meanwh Hella Fun! Meanwhile, middle sister Seledri married a Samirian prince in order to further the alliance between her country and his sadly, the prince's love for Seledri is as of yet unrequited. With no interests left to further, Aniri happily awaits the day when she'll be able to marry her lover Devesh, a courtesan and fencing instructor from Samir. Then they will travel the world in search of the Samirian robbers who murdered her father the King some eight years ago. Naturally, a wrench finds its way into Aniri's plans - in the form of Ashoka Malik, the barbarian prince of Jungali.

After the untimely deaths of his mother and younger brother, Prince Malik - "Ash" to his friends - finds himself in charge of a fractured country. Comprised of four provinces, the mountain country is mired in poverty and fraught with infighting, particularly as at least one of the provinces' generals play at a military coup.

Rumors of a Jungali flying machine run rampant, and war seems inevitable. Hoping that his marriage to a Dharian Prince will cultivate a powerful alliance and unite his people behind him, Prince Malik proposes a peace-brokering marriage to the Queen. Unfortunately for Aniri, she is the only single daughter left. And that's just the first few chapters!

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I won't say more because I'd rather not spoil the story, but suffice it to say that nothing is as it seems. Equal parts political intrigue, steampunk fantasy, and romantic subterfuge, Third Daughter is a rollicking fun read. Just when you think you know where the story's headed or who you can trust, Quinn throws in a plot twist or added layer of deception that you never saw coming. Yes, there's a love triangle; and yes, its resolution is somewhat predictable. But that doesn't make it any less fun!

In her constant protestations that she doesn't deserve Ash, Aniri brings to mind Katniss and Peeta - minus the troubling racial aspects. In fact, Quinn flips that triangle on its head, as in this case it's Aniri who's richer and more privileged than her "pretend" lover. The steampunk elements are hella fun, too. I could easily picture this as a Bollywood movie.

And I'd give anything to see a CGI version of the shashee. I bet they're adorable, like a cross between a snuffaluffagus and a camel.

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Or maybe like a Bantha, minus the horns. I must have a clockwork shashee, is what I'm saying! Note to Susan Kaye Quinn: I'll settle for an illustration in the next book!